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Days Park Commons 68-74 Days Park Buffalo, NY

Days Park Commons Welcomes new sister property.

Buffalo, NY - October 30, 2006 - Wes Brown Development, the development/management company of the Days Park Commons has announced the acquisition of the Cottage Street Apartments, a 20-unit apartment complex located a half block away from the Days Park Commons, on the far end of Days Park.

This new property will undergo an extensive renovation, raising it to an esthetic level never before seen at that location. Upon completion, it will be rechristened: Cottage Street Lofts and suites.

Like the Days Park Commons, the soon to be Cottage Street Lofts consists of three main buildings, all overlooking Days Park.

Plans for the lot include remote-controlled automated security gates, exclusive and individually-assigned parking spots, and a limited number of individual parking garages - providing added convenience and security to all of its residents.

Says Wes Brown: "What attracted me to the property was the unique layouts of the units. Fully half the units on the property feature 2-story layouts with multiple baths. There are 2-story one bedroom units with 1 baths, 2-story two bedroom units with 2 baths. Many units have private patios, and just like at the Days Park Commons, the park views from some of the units are absolutely breathtaking. Also, the grounds of the property have a lot of green space, something the Days Park Commons doesn't really have. In many ways, the two properties really complement each other. Where one is lacking, the other makes up for it. As such, there is so much variety at each property that between the two of them, we truly now have something for nearly everyone within our target market base."

Improvements to many of the units on the new property will include: new hardwood flooring, new marble tile kitchens and baths, granite countertops, increased off-street parking, etc.

UPDATE: The Cottage Street Lofts and suites is now open for business and presently accepting applications based on current availability.

Days Park Commons 68-74 Days Park Buffalo, NY
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